Axcel Fire Systems is unique in the way we determine the cost of a job. Rather than look at the square footage and the floor plan only, we make sure that the sprinkler systems to be installed will be the best suited for the occupancy of your building. We at Axcel see the protection of life and property to be much more important than anything else. So when estimating we make sure to provide the best system for the type of building and occupancy possible.

Design/ Engineering
In the design and engineering process we use the most updated and standardized codes according to the authorities having jurisdiction. The main codes to be followed are NFPA 13 and NFPA 13D. Axcel offers complete design services from on-site coordination, through project management to final completion. The software we use for design is a state of the art CAD design system.

No matter the job, big or small, residential or commercial, we put the same effort into every job. We use the utmost care and precision with our installations. Each worker is equipped with the most up to date tools and resources needed to produce the greatest end result.

Inspections and Service
All inspections and service calls are performed by Jeff Marenco, who has been working in the fire sprinkler trade for over 25 years. When working on inspection and service calls Axcel follows the guidelines of NFPA 25 for inspections and the guidelines for NFPA 20 pertaining to fire pumps. Service response is prompt and no job is too small. Quarterly, Annual, or Five Year inspections can be scheduled according to the individual client and their needs.


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