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Axcel Fire Systems, Inc. was founded in 1995 by President, Dave Horner and Vice President, Bill Thomas

Both Dave and Bill have had numerous years of experience in this industry, a combined 57 years between them.

Dave began as a designer fresh from the Army in 1980 latching on with a company called Viking Fire Protection, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, two uncles, and three cousins. In 1987 however Viking Fire Protection decided to discontinue its contracting division which led to Dave making the move to Grinnell, working as an estimator. In 1990 Dave was offered a job with Superior Automatic Sprinkler, this company was looking to open a new office in Windsor, Ca and wanted Dave to step in as Office Manager.

Bill Thomas had initially attempted to follow his father by becoming a plumber with the Local 38 in San Francisco. However when this didn’t work out, Bill got his big break from his god father who was a business manager for the local 483 pipe fitters union, thus beginning Bills apprenticeship from 1981-1985 with Superior Automatic Sprinkler. In 1985 Bill was promoted to foreman for Superior. Following the promotion Bill worked as a foreman until 1990, when at this time, Superior offered Bill a change of scenery by relocating to their new office in Windsor to act as a Field Superintendent.

It was here that Dave and Bill met in 1990, and in 1992 their roles with Superior would begin to change. In 1992 there was a recession that ultimately led to Superior eliminating the office in Windsor. Subsequently, Dave and Bill opened their own company which would come to be called Axcel Fire Systems, Inc.

In 1995 Dave and Bill moved into a fresh and new office at 7698 Bell Road in Windsor, CA. Business began with Dave handling the Office Manager and Estimator duties and responsibilities, while Bill did the installation portion of the business. As the company began to grow they realized they needed to expand which led to the hiring of a full time Office Manager. From there the company began to boom, resulting in Axcel moving into a new office, and their present location at 7975 Cameron Drive, Building 100 in Windsor, CA.

Axcel Fire Systems, Inc currently employs an Office Manager, Tawny Brunetta. Dave is still working as the President, Estimator, and Project Manager. Bill is working as the Vice President and Field Superintendent.

Axcel’s area of operation is primarily in the North Bay area. We are currently working and bidding on various projects in our service area which expands throughout Napa, Marin, Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino Counties. Axcel Fire is always happy to commit to new projects and bids, but we value the long term relationships that we have been able to build with various contractors, reflecting our core values and mission statements, because without these things Axcel Fire Systems, Inc. would never have been able to become what we are today.


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